What’s a Lift Support?

gas charged lift supportsLots of people have them. Few know what they’re called!

No matter what you call them — prop, strut, shock,
spring, rod, or gas spring — they’re GAS CHARGED LIFT

And if you own an SUV, minivan, hatchback, car or truck,
chances are you own at least one GAS CHARGED LIFT

Does Your Lift Support Need Replacing?

gas charged lift supportsYour lift support is beginning to wear out when the gate
or hood is difficult to lift, begins to sag when it is in an
open position, or can’t be held into position without some
other propping device. This is very dangerous!

All lift supports eventually have to be replaced because
they have a small gas-charge which naturally escapes over
time through the lift support seal.

Lift supports generally wear-out in 5-7 years. Extremes in
weather (extreme hot or cold) or abnormally excessive
opening or closing will shorten the life of your lift support.